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Okay, soooo...

I'm much with the lameness these days. I don't really feel like maintaining a journal for anything RL and especially not anything political/social right now. I baleeted tehbetsusernaem because practically all I did with it was whine.


I'll add all you guys to blogosaurus - not because I expect you to care about my dinosaur babble but just for the purposes of keeping up with you. :) Because I do intend to start updating that once again. I might make a journal just for fiction-posting, too. Fandom stuff, I'm not really sure - it might go here or on JF or possibly both, we shall see.

Even though I don't intend to update this journal much, at least for the time being, I'm not going to baleete because it has my raptor manifesto of greatness some stuff that some people might actually find interesting/fun/useful.

Sorry about all this, guys.
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